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Review on the century evolution of China
Yongkui Wang  1  
1 : Chinese Academy of Labor and Social Security,Pékin

China has established relatively complete labor laws and regulations system with the guide of ILO labor conventions and suggestions since 1919. This paper will explore the whole process of labor laws evolution in China during the past century by complying with ILO conventions and suggestions to find the vital implications and natures of a developing country to set up her own labor laws system. It contains 4 parts: part I will introduce the whole development and evolution process of past century labor laws and regulations under the guide of ILO; part II will illustrate the whole picture of China labor laws and regulations system has been established up to now since 1919, which contains Constitution, law, Administrative regulations, local laws and regulations and department regulations 5 levels laws and regulations in China; part III will give a significant conclusions and implications on ILO's great role in guiding the forming of China labor laws; part IV is about future prosperities in the cooperation with ILO in labor laws system construction.  


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